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Conference Program

Monday, July 7

08.00-13.00   Registration
09.00-09.15   Welcoming address, K. Tsinganos

Session 0 : Introductory reviews

09.15-09.55IR  M. Livio: Jets in Astrophysics
09.55-10.35IR  J. Bally*: Protostellar Jets

10.35-11.20 Coffee Break and Poster Session


Session I : The star/jet/disk system

11.20-11.55IR  L. Hartmann*: The star-jet-disk system and angular momentum transfer
11.55-12.30IR  C. Johns-Krull*: Hot inner winds from T Tauri stars
12.30-12.50CT  A. Gomez de Castro: Hot gas in accretion disks and jets: a UV view of star formation
12.50-13.10CT  S. G. Gregory: The magnetic fields of accreting T Tauri stars
13.10-13.30CT  S. Mohanty*: Magnetospheric Accretion with Multipole Stellar Fields: Theory and Observations

13.30-16.30 Lunch break

16.30-17.05IR  J. Stone: Hydrodynamic and MHD Instabilities in Accretion Disks
17.05-17.40IR  A. Königl: Theory of Wind-Driving Protostellar Disks

17.40-18.20 Coffee Break and Poster Session

18.20-18.40CT  A. Mignone*: Aspect ratio dependence in MRI shearing box simulations
18.40-19.00CT  R. Lovelace*: Advection of Magnetic Fields in Accretion Disks
19.00-19.20CT  E. de Gouveia dal Pino*: Magnetic reconnection processes in accretion disk systems

IR = Invited Review, CT = Contributed Talk

Tuesday, July 8

Session II : Jet launching

09.00-09.35  IR  J. Ferreira: Self-collimated jets: accretion disc and star-disc launching zones
09.35-09.55CT  J. Staff: Large-scale 3D Simulations of Protostellar Jets: Constraining the Disk Wind Model
09.55-10.15CT  G. Murphy: Viscous resistive magnetohydrodynamic disk simulations
10.15-10.35CT  M. Stute: Extending analytical MHD jet formation models with a finite outer disk radius
10.35-10.55CT  C. Fendt: MHD jets from different field configurations
10.55-11.05CT  M. Cemeljic: Resistive MHD jet simulations

11.05-11.30 Coffee Break

11.30-12.05IR  M. Cai: X-wind models
12.05-12.40IR  M. Romanova: Disk-magnetosphere interaction and outflows
12.40-13.00CT  C. Zanni*: Simulating the launching of YSO jets
13.00-13.20CT  C. Sauty*: Can stellar jets brake efficiently T Tauri stars?
13.20-13.40CT  F. Reale*: Flaring activity in accretion flows of YSO

13.40-16.30 Lunch break

16.30-17.05IR  R. Matsumoto*: Similarities of the launching mechanism in protostellar/AGN jets
17.05-17.40IR  S. Lebedev: Episodic Magnetic Tower Plasma Jets in a Laboratory Experiment
17.40-18.00CT  N. Vlahakis: Jets in the MHD context
18.00-18.20CT  N. Kylafis*: Jets from stellar mass black holes

18.20-19.30 Coffee Break and Poster Session

IR = Invited Review, CT = Contributed Talk

Wednesday, July 9

Session III : Observational constraints on jet launching

09.00-09.35  IR  B. Nisini*: Jets from embedded YSOs
09.35-09.55CT  S. Antoniucci*: Accretion luminosity and accretion-ejection rate connection in Class I sources
09.55-10.30IR  F. Bacciotti*: Resolved inner jets from T Tauri stars
10.30-10.50CT  D. Coffey: Searching for jet rotation signatures in younger Class 0 and I jets - strengthening the observational support for magneto-centrifugal ejection

10.50-11.30 Coffee Break and Poster Session

11.30-12.05IR  S. Cabrit: Observational challenges to ejection models in YSOs
12.05-12.25CT  E. Whelan: T Tauri-like Outflow Activity in the Brown Dwarf Mass Regime
12.25-12.45CT  A. Caratti o Garatti: Protostellar jets driven by intermediate- and high-mass protostars: an evolutionary scenario?
12.45-13.20IR  S. Massaglia*: The properties of AGN jets in comparison with Herbig-Haro jets

 Free afternoon, excursions

IR = Invited Review, CT = Contributed Talk

Thursday, July 10

Session IV : Jet propagation, stability, interaction with the environment, X-ray emission

09.00-09.35  IR  E. Trussoni*: The KH-Instability and the propagation of stellar jets
09.35-10.10IR  A. Raga*: Jets from variable sources
10.10-10.30CT  L. Podio*: Stellar jets tomography in velocity space
10.30-10.50CT  F. De Colle: Diagnostics of inhomogeneous stellar jets

10.50-11.20 Coffee Break and Poster Session

11.20-11.55IR  P. Hartigan*: Magnetic fields in Jets
11.55-12.30IR  J. Eislöffel: Jet kinematics
12.30-12.50CT  A. Ciardi*: Bending the way of protostellar Jets
12.50-13.10CT  J. Gracia: Synthetic jets - from models to observations and back

13.10-16.00 Lunch break

16.00-16.20CT  M. Güdel: X-Ray Emission from Young Stellar Jets
16.20-16.40CT  R. Bonito*: The complex morphology of the X-ray and optical emission from HH 154: the pulsed jet scenario
16.40-17.00CT  C. Stehle: Radiative shocks: a combined analysis from experiments and simulations (listed as Gonzalez et al.)

17.00-17.30 Coffee Break and Poster Session

17.30-18.05IR  J. Sokoloski: Jets from white dwarfs
18.05-18.25CT  J. Kastner*: X-ray Imaging Spectroscopy of Planetary Nebulae in the Era of Chandra and XMM-Newton: New Insight into Stellar Jets
18.25-18.45CT  S. Orlando: 3D modeling of the 2006 nova outburst of RS Ophiuchi: collimated outflows and jet-like ejections
18.45-19.05IR  R. Bilyalov*: "People" Programme: The Marie Curie Actions in FP7

20.00 Conference Dinner

IR = Invited Review, CT = Contributed Talk

Friday, July 11

Session V : Molecular outflows and Turbulence injection by jets

09.00-09.35  IR  R. Bachiller*: Molecular outflows -- observations
09.35-10.10IR  T. Downes: Molecular outflows -- modelling
10.10-10.30CT  J. Schmid-Burgk: Rotation observed in the molecular outflow OriS6 and its bullets
10.30-10.50CT  M. Machida: Protostellar Jet and Outflow in the Collapsing Cloud Core

10.50-11.40 Coffee Break

11.40-12.15IR  A. Frank*: Jets and turbulence
12.15-12.35CT  R. Banerjee: Can protostellar outflows drive turbulence in molecular clouds?
12.35-13.10IR  J. Richer: Prospects for Outflow and Jet Science with ALMA

13.10-16.00 Lunch break

16.00-16.20CT  T. Lery: The International Year of Astronomy 2009. An opportunity for European Astrophysicists
16.20-17.00 Summary of Posters

17.00-17.30 Coffee Break

17.30-18.00 Summary and Concluding Remarks, T. Ray
18.00-18.40IR  J. Seiradakis: The Antikythera Mechanism: Astronomy and Technology in ancient Greece

IR = Invited Review, CT = Contributed Talk

Saturday, July 12

Session VI: Jetset early stage researcher presentations (Open to all)

09.00-09.20  CT  T. Matsakos*: Two-component jet simulations: Mixing analytical disk and stellar outflow solutions
09.20-09.40CT  O. Tesileanu*: MHD Simulations of Radiative YSO Jets
09.40-10.00CT  J. O'Sullivan: Molecular Cooling Effects in Large scale Simulations of Herbig Haro Objects
10.00-10.20CT  D. Panoglou: The survival of molecules in MHD disk winds
10.20-10.40CT  M. Bocchi*: Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in magnetized jets

10.40-11.20 Coffee Break and Poster Session

11.20-11.40CT  O. Dionatos: Jets from Class 0 protostars: A Spitzer - IRS view
11.40-12.00CT  V. Agra-Amboage: 0.15'' study of the atomic and molecular jets in DG Tau
12.00-12.20CT  R. Garcia Lopez: IR diagnostic of embedded jets: velocity resolved observations of the HH34 and HH46-47 jets
12.20-12.40CT  S. Rajabi: Line formation in outflows from young stars
12.40-13.00CT  F. Suzuki-Vidal*: Interaction of a Supersonic Radiatively Cooled Plasma Jet with a Background Ambient
13.00-13.20CT  A. Marocchino*: Numerical Studies for Episodic Magnetically Driven Plasma Jets

13.20-16.00 Lunch break

16.00-16.20CT  P. Rammos*: Early Stage Development of the JETSET database

 Jetset Board and Science meeting (restricted), Departures

IR = Invited Review, CT = Contributed Talk