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Places to visit in Athens

Athens, the capital of Greece, offers a remarkable number of monument and attractions to visit.
The most important are the following:

Acropolis and the Parthenon

The most famous archaeological site of Greece, a hill in the center of the city that used to be both the fortified citadel and state sanctuary of the ancient city of Athens. Pottery findings from the Neolithic period show that the hill was inhabited from a very early period. In the mid-fifth century, Acropolis became the seat of the Athenian League and Athens was the greatest cultural center of its time. The Acropolis of the fifth century BC is the most accurate reflection of the splendour, power and wealth of Athens at its greatest peak, the golden age of Perikles. You can buy a ticket that allows you to visit other major sites, like the Ancient Agora, the Archaeological Museum of Kerameikos, the Roman Agora of Athens etc. (more information at Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism site) Don’t forget the new acropolis museum, located only 300 meters from Acropolis (more information at Acropolis museum site)

Acropolis and the new museum

National Archaeological Museum

It is the largest archaelogical museum of Greece. Houses some of the most important artifacts from a variety of sites around Greece from prehistory to late antiquity. It is situated in the Exarhia area in central Athens between Epirus Street, Bouboulinas Street and Tositsas Street while its entrance is on the Patision Street, adjacent to the historical building of the Athens Polytechnic. (More information at National Archaeological museum site)

National Archaeological Museum


The old historic neighborhood located at the base of Acropolis hill. Incorporates a labyrinth of pedestrian only streets and buildings of greek neoclassical architecture. An early evening walk is a pleasurable experience. There are hundreds of shops from tourist shops to workshops of great artisans, many restaurants and bars.


Filopappos Hill

One of the best views of Athens, overlooking the archaological site that is located around Acropolis. The pine-covered slopes of Filopappos hill offer a pleasantly shaded maze of paths leading through monuments marking centuries of history. Known as “the hill of muses” in antiquity, countless poets have drawn inspiration here.

Filopappos hill


East of Nafplio stands the impressive open-air Epidaurus Theater, dating back to the fourth century BC. The acoustics are perfect, and there is seating for 14,000. From July to August, each weekend, the Epidaurus Festival offers performances of ancient Greek dramas in this magical setting.

Epidaurus Theater


This is the site of the famous Oracle, where rulers of ancient Greece came for many centuries for political and moral guidance.A steep uphill climb from the Temple brings one to the theater, offering stunning views over the entire site, and further uphill still lies the ancient stadium. The Delphi Museum contains a superb collection of finds from the site. Lying 176km (109 miles) northwest of Athens, Delphi can be reached by road via Livadia and Arahova.