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Summary submission:

The final deadline for the summaries submission is
15 April 2011.

The summaries should be in English, typed single space, and 2 to 3 pages long, including figures and diagrams.

The summary must begin with title, authors name, affiliation and full address.

Summaries must be submitted to: memswave2011@phys.uoa.gr


Papers are solicited in the following areas related to RF-MEMS and RF-NEMS:

• Design and Simulation tools (Electromagnetic, Mechanical, Thermal-Multiscale)

• Fabrication, processes and materials

• Packaging, assembling, 3Dintegration

• Components and circuits

• Antennas

• MEMS and IC integration

• Reliability and testing

• Application and system design

• FBAR and BAW

download template of paper submission.