Protostellar Jets in Context

7-12 July 2008, island of Rhodes, Greece


You can find here the Springer style files (LateX) for writing your contribution (invited talks: 9 pages, contributed talks: 5 pages, posters: 2 pages). Furthmore, a signed consent to publish is needed for each contribution. Please fax it +30 210 7276906. You may then send your paper by the 31st of October (at the latest) to the proceedings editors: profs. Tom Ray ( and Kanaris Tsinganos (

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Talks online!

PDF copies of most of the talks can be downloaded now from the Conference program page.

Useful information:

1. Transportation from the Rhodes airport to the Rodos Palace Hotel located in the area Ixia (8 km from the airport, midway between the airport - city of Rhodes):
BY TAXI: it costs around 12 Euros, trip duration 15 minutes.
BY BUS: Tickets cost 2.50 Euros, every 30 minutes, trip duration 25 minutes.

2. In case of emergency you may call to the following numbers:
(a) 0030-22410-25222 (Rodos Palace Hotel reception)
(b) 0030 - 6948888884 (LOC)
(c) 0030 - 6934576356 (LOC)
(0030 is the country code for Greece, 22410 the area code for Rhodes).

3. The abstracts book and the program are avalaible at the respective links.

4. In case you have special needs for your presentation (e.g. you need a MAC, etc), pls let us know in advance. The default laptop for the presentations will use Windows, but if you need a different OS pls let us know.

5. We remind you that the size of the posters is A0.

6. Upon arrival to the Hotel reception, pls mention that you are participating to the "Astronomy Conference".

Second Announcement

Registration is now open !


Protostellar Jets in Context is an international astrophysics conference open to all interested scientists, which is organized at the initiative of the JETSET European Research and Training Network (RTN) (


The main goal is to review the recent contributions of theoretical and computational modelling, high-resolution observations, and laboratory experiments to our understanding of jets and outflows from young stars. The connection with accretion disks and the similarities with outflow phenomena in other astrophysical contexts will also be explored. The conference aims to bring together scientists working in these various fields to stimulate cross-disciplinary exchange. It will contain both invited and contributed talks, as well as poster sessions.

The proceedings will be published by Springer-Verlag (science editors: Kanaris Tsinganos and Tom Ray).


  • F. Bacciotti - Resolved inner jets from T Tauri stars
  • R. Bachiller - Molecular outflows - observations
  • J. Bally - Protostellar Jets
  • S. Cabrit - Class O jets
  • M. Cai - X-wind models
  • T. Downes - Molecular outflows - modelling
  • J. Eisloffel - Jet kinematics
  • J. Ferreira - Disk-wind models
  • A. Frank - Jets and turbulence
  • P. Hartigan - Magnetic fields in jets
  • L. Hartmann - The star-jet-disk system and angular momentum transfer
  • C. Johns-Krull - Hot inner winds from T Tauri stars
  • A. Konigl - Theory of Wind-Driving Protostellar Disks
  • S. Lebedev - Laboratory jets
  • M. Livio - Jets in Astrophysics
  • S. Massaglia - Similarities/differences of AGN/YSO jets
  • R. Matsumoto - Similarities of the launching mechanism in protostellar/AGN jets
  • B. Nisini - Class I jets
  • A. Raga - Shock formation in Jets
  • M. Romanova - Disk-Star interaction and Jets
  • J. Sokoloski - Jets from white dwarfs
  • J. Stone - Accretion disks and their instabilities
  • E. Trussoni - The KH-instability and the propagation of stellar jets


  • The jet/wind-launching region: Theories, observations, and numerical simula-tions that address the origin of atomic and molecular jets and winds in young stars, the physics of the star/disk interaction zone, the connection with accretion disks and the role of jets in removing angular momentum.
  • The propagation, cooling, stability, and environmental impact of jets on scales from the stellar envelope to the parent cloud. Large-scale numerical simula-tions of collimated outflows including AMR codes and cluster/grid technolo-gies. Observations and models of bipolar outflows, from the X-ray to the submm regime. The origin of knots in jets.
  • Laboratory experiments that reproduce, in a scaled manner, key aspects of the dynamics of astrophysical jets relevant to their formation, collimation and interaction with the interstellar medium. Experimental benchmarks for HD and MHD codes and radiative transfer in jets.
  • Similarities and differences between protostellar jets and their astrophysical siblings, for example coronal jets, outflows in planetary nebulae, pulsar jets, jets from symbiotic stars and compact binaries, as well as the collimated large-scale relativistic outflows associated with AGNs and GRBs.

A special session will take place focusing on the "Funding opportunities under the EU FP7 Framework Programme" R. Bilyalov - "People" Programme : The Marie Curie Actions in FP7
A representative of the European Science Foundation, T. Lery, will also give a talk on funding opportunities.

The detailed program is already available.


Registration is now open! (the registration fee can be paid at later time)

Deadline for abstract submission: April 7th , 2008
Deadline for financial support request: April 7th , 2008
Deadline for early payment of the registration fee (200 Euros): May 19th, 2008
Deadline for late payment of the registration fee (250 Euros): July 7th, 2008
Deadline for Hotel reservation: June 1st, 2008


  • Kanaris Tsinganos (Greece) co-chair
  • Tom Ray (Ireland) co-chair
  • John Bally (USA)
  • Sylvie Cabrit (France)
  • Suzan Edwards (USA)
  • Sergey Lebedev (UK)
  • Mario Livio (USA)
  • Mark McCaughrean (UK)
  • Silvano Massaglia (IT)
  • Alex Raga (Mexico)
  • Kazunari Shibata (Japan)
  • Frank Shu (USA)
  • Xander Tielens (NL)


K. Tsinganos, N. Vlahakis, M. Stute, T. Matsakos, P. Rammos


The conference will take place from July 7-12, 2008 inclusive in the grounds of the international convention center of the Rodos Palace, a 5-star resort hotel set in a singular location in one of the most alluring destinations of the Mediterranean. A special room rate has been negotiated for participants at 130 (single)/160 (double) Euros/night (breakfast and lunch included). Advance booking is available through the conference website. High speed on-line Internet connection will be available to hotel guests.


Climate: In Rhodes, the Mediterranean summer heat is offset by a cooling, and sometimes strong, sea breeze, making it enjoyable even in July. Average conditions in July are: water temperature 24°C (75°F), air temperature min: 22°C (72°F) max: 34°C (93°F), 13 hours of sun per day, no rain fall.

Getting to Rhodes: There are international charter flights to and from most European cities, as well as to and from the rest of the world. Moreover, there are daily flights from Athens, Heraklion and Thessaloniki and less frequent connections with the neighboring islands of Kastellorizo, Karpathos and Kassos. As July is in the high season, reserving well in advance (at least 2 months) is highly recommended for cheaper fares and availability. Sea Connections: There are regular ferry lines connecting Rhodes to Athens (Piraeus), Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Cyprus and Turkey. Rhodes is also connected with all neighboring islands through extensive boat and hydrofoil services.