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Second Announcement







Scientific Coordinator

Professor G. Contopoulos
Member of the Academy of Athens
Supervisor of the Center for Astronomy

The scientific coordinator, Professor G. Contopoulos has participated in the scientific committees of over 30 international conferences and has served as project coordinator for many national research projects.

Scientific Organizing Committee

The following scientists confirmed their participation in the scientific committee:

Chairman: G. Contopoulos (Academy of Athens, Greece)


(in alphabetical order)
E. Athanassoula (Observatoire de Marseille, France)
A. Bosma (Observatoire de Marseille, France)
H. Dejonghe (University of Ghent, Belgium)
A. Fridman (Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)
P. Grosbol (European Southern Observatory, Germany)
P.O. Lindblad (Stockholm Observatory, Sweden)
D. Lynden-Bell (University of Cambridge,UK)
D. Merritt(Dept. of Physics, Rutgers Univ., USA)
N. Voglis (Academy of Athens, Greece)

Local Organizing Commitee

Chairman: N. Voglis
Members:   H. Dara
V. Tritakis
P. Patsis
C. Efthymiopoulos

All members of the LOC are staff of the Research Center for Astronomy of the Academy of Athens.

Important Dates

Apr. 30, 2002  Preliminary program.

Jun. 30, 2002  Second announcement and call for papers


Jul. 21, 2002  Deadline for hotel registration at full choice.


Jul. 31, 2002  Deadline for abstract submission
Final program


Sep. 16-19, 2002  Workshop
Dec. 31, 2002  Deadline for submission of manuscripts
Feb. 28, 2003  Deadline for refereeing of papers
Jun. 30, 2003  Publication of the workshop proceedings
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