March 12, 2005

                                        June 6-11, 2005, DELPHI, GREECE

Dear Colleague,

The 20th International Workshop on Weak Interactions and Neutrinos will take place at the European Cultural Center, in Delphi, Greece, from June 6-11, 2005. This is a workshop with a small number of participants (about 100 physicists), which has a history of about 30 years. Previous WINs have taken place in Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Africa, and USA, with the last one, WIN03, in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, USA.

The purpose of the workshop is to offer the physics community a  significant opportunity to assess the status of the field and initiate collaborative efforts to address current physics questions. 

There will be four working groups with the following themes for WIN05:

                        Working Group 1 - Electroweak Symmetry Breaking
                        Working Group 2 - Weak Decays, CKM Matrix, CP Violation
                        Working Group 3 - Neutrino Physics
                        Working Group 4 - Astroparticle Physics

The Local preparations are well under way and we expect to open the registration soon. A poster will be ready to be distributed at the end of next week.

There is a continuously updated website at:


We plan the following structure of the program:

                       - Sunday         June 5,                     Arrival of participants, registration
                       - Monday        June 6,                     Plenary Sessions
                       - Tuesday,       June 7,                    WG parralel sessions
                       - Wednesday,  June 8,                    WG Parallel Sessions
                       - Thursday,      June 9,                     Free Day
                       - Friday,          June 10,  morning:   WG parallel sessions
                                                             afternoon:  Plenary Sessions
                                                             Evening:     banquet
                       - Saturday,      June 11,  Morning:    Plenary Sessions, End of workshop at 13:30
                                                            Afternoon:  Transportation to Athens

Following introductory plenary status reports the working groups will devote two and a half days discussing the issues with emphasis on current problems of interest. We plan an additional half day or so of plenary 
talks on Friday afternoon for topics of current interest, and on Saturday we shall have the Summary talks from the working groups. Besides reviewing the status of the field and addressing current issues, 
the purpose of the workshop is to establish research projects which may continue beyond the Workshop. 

The Program Committee is currently working on the selection of the plenary speakers and the working group convenors. Once this is finished, we shall inform you via the WEBsite and also with another Bulletin.

Please stay tuned!

Best Regards,

For the WIN'05 Organizing Committees,
George Tzanakos