General Information

The idea of a biennial gathering of all Greek relativists that are working 
either within the borders of Greece or abroad, originated in 1982 from 
a few inspired people (the late Professor Vasilis Xanthopoulos was among them) 
who wanted to bring together relativists who work isolated from each 
other in various Departments around the globe. The first conference by the title NEB 
(acronym for Neóteres Exelíxis sti Barítita = Recent Developments in Gravity) took place 
in 1982 in Crete. Since then 11 subsequent Conferences have been organized 
by different Universities of Greece (a full list of the places of all Conferences can 
be found at the end of this document). As time passed more and more young students, 
undergraduate and graduate ones have been attracted by the gravitational field of beauty 
of Relativistic Theory, have attended the Conference and have presented their own research projects. 
In parallel, at least during the last Conferences, the Organizing Committees have attempted 
to lure well-known International scientists of our field to visit our beautiful country and 
spend four days presenting the new developments of their research field and talk, in a relaxed 
environment, with the Greek relativists both senior and young ones.  

Especially this year, we have tried to invite even more International relativists, from very 
different fields of Relativity and have asked the European Physical Society to 
sponsor our Conference in an attempt to turn our national meeting into a more 
Internationally-oriented Conference. The idea is to transform it to a well-known Conference 
in order to open up our community to the worldwide scientific community. 
We look forward to see you all in Nafplion and spend four productive, pleasant, and sunny days. 
                                                                        The Organizing Committee


1st     Crete (1984), 
2nd    Athens (1986), 
3rd     Ioannina (1988),
4rd     Thessaloniki (1990), 
5th     Crete (1992), 
6th     Patra (1994),
7th     Athens (1996), 
8th     Samos (1998), 
9th     Ioannina (2000),
10th   Thessaloniki (2002), 
11th   Mytilene (2004).
12th   Nafplion (2006)